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RhysM wrote:

You're just wasting your breath!

Yup, true! Because what they are saying it's not worth listening to... This is supposed to be a forum for professional photographers Not for people with friends' who can't run a photography business. Oh harsh... I know

Anyone with a brain knows what you're saying is true,

I have a brain and what yer sayin is tosh! May be because I am one of the best in my field...who knows, I've only been doing it professionally for 14 years.

I work in finance  .

I work in photography. Now remind me again what forum this is? Oh yes it's a professional photography forum. And you work in finance you say? Wow, I'll think of you working behind your computer when I'm drinking gin and tonics as the sun sets over the harbour where my next job is....

You stick to finance, I will stick to photography. And we'll both stick to what we know, and what we are good at

This might sound bitchy, but it's my honest opinion. How would you like it I said finance was dead! Just cos my mate who works in a bank lost their job?

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