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construction is dead?

I know many many people that were out of work, out of business, over the past few years because the housing market crashed.

A friend made a ton of building houses, so much that he had all the fun photo gear (it was his hobby). I"m talking canon 500 F4 lens, 1d bodies, etc. He had a small side biz doing painting, that's what got him into building houses.  Market dies - he lost a lot of money on a couple of unsold houses that he had to dump on the market.

He's back to painting and does some photography - landscape/wildlife, PR and commercial stuff. Not a living's worth, but over 20k a year in our small market which I think is pretty good.

But now construction is coming back here - 5 years ago they started a new plan across the road from me, built 5 of 69 planned houses and then nothing for nearly 3 years. Not one house. Now they're back at it - put up 6 or 7 since last fall. A house, any house, comes on the market here and it's gone in 30 days or less. I had friends begging on FB for a house to buy as everything they saw listed was gone before they could even call on it.  Another friend sold her house - to a buyer that mass mailed everyone in town looking to buy!  A condo plan that went under and stood for 3 years as just foundations and a big big for sale sign is again building like mad.

I think photography will come back - still way too many PT folks out there trying to steal buck from unsuspecting folks, and this year weddings have vanished - but I'm having my best year yet. The economy is improving (see above) so I'm hopeful this will trickle down and the MWACs will go back to working their day jobs.

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