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Re: New computer?

Laryb wrote:

Hello...I started browsing this forum today as I'm condidering a new computer. I now have XP and like it fine for a 2005 machine. Most new computers are Windows 8 now. How is the learning curve? And is it possible to keep my xp machine running while learning Windows 8? I do have a fast cable connection. I purchase alot online and also do banking online. I don't want to be without the ability to do these things if Windows 8 is a bear to figure out. Thanks for any replies.   Larry

Win8 does not take long to learn.

Just ignore the new interface and use the desktop as much as possible.

Set up the start screen with your desktop applicaions. Will take 30mins.

You will be very happy coming from XP. Everything is a big step up from XP.

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