OMD severe flash exposure problem

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Re: OMD severe flash exposure problem


I've had my OM-D EM-5 about as long as you've had yours (about a month), so I'm certainly not an old pro with it yet.  But here are some observations, for whatever they're worth ...

I find I have better luck with the flash exposure when I'm using center-weighted metering, than I do when using the multi-zone metering; CW just seems to be more consistent and/or reliable.  That's how I set it when using the small clip-on flash.

I bought the Olympus FL-600R flash when I bought the camera.  For a couple of reasons, I prefer to use this flash in "Auto" mode, as opposed to "TTL Auto".  This is the mode in which flash duration is determined through a reflected light reading from a "thyristor" sensor on the flash itself, rather than using the camera's TTL flash metering.  Here's why I like using it in that mode ...

  1. It seems to meter the most reliably this way -- better even than when using the combination of CW metering and TTL Auto.
  2. No preflash, therefore no preflash delay -- just the main flash occurring during the exposure, and that's it.  Result: No lazy eyes from my fast-blinking daughter when I take flash pictures of her.  She's one of those people who can get a good blink going during the preflash delay, about nine times out of ten.
  3. Since there's no preflash, the flash batteries should last longer in this mode than they do when using TTL flash metering (although I haven't performed the series of controlled tests that would be required to confirm this).

Hopefully this is of some help,


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