Nikon FF v APS-C image comparison

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Re: Nikon FF v APS-C image comparison


Interesting, but actually predictable given the excellent light and same sensor resolution.  The noise comparison and DOF just confirm what we all know.

A couple of people have been critical of others' interest in FF.  I am interested in FF for more than the sake of sensor size......  One is pixel density, noise and the ability to source higher resolution sensors (for my main interest of landscape prints).  One is shallow DOF capability (though that's not a strong one for me). The other is the lack of TS lenses - there's nothing available for Pentax or ideal for APSC in any brand.  Before you all say 'well jump ship to Canon or Nikon FF', it's not that straightforward and certainly expensive.  I also happen to like my K5 for a lot of photography and its APSC advantage for tele lens work.

If I were to look at my overall gear preferences I'd have three cameras - a high grade compact, stay APSC for my DSLR, and buy FF only if I could afford and source a high grade small, WR FF MILC with a decent built-in EVF.  That would be a treat for landscape, hiking and travel.  I've got the first two.  If Pentax were to make an FF MILC, I'd probably be an early buyer.  You won't find me toting a large FF DSLR and fast mega zooms.   I suspect FF MILCs are just around the corner, so maybe it'll be possible within a year or two. I don't know if it'll be Pentax - Fuji and Sony are already looking at it.


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