Nikon FF v APS-C image comparison

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Re: Nikon FF v APS-C image comparison

Gerry Winterbourne wrote:

Donald B wrote:

cool thanks, i dont mind KR neither, this comparrision is why im not going ff have known this for 6 years , but people keep banging on about the advantages , not.

Don, this comparison shows two clear advantages for FF: lower noise and tighter control of DOF.  You might not want them and, at the price and size penalty, neither do I.  But that doesn't make people who do want them wrong.

Legitimate point to make Gerry and one too easily lost in the "noise" of discussion. I've been making the point in various posts of late that the difference that many photographers would see in their photographs after moving to full frame from APS-C would hardly warrant the expense of so doing. I think this comparison tends to bear that out.

But another point that could/should be made is that IF a FF & APS-C camera with similar features and functions were the same price, very few of us would stick with APS-C. So essentially the discussion really comes back to the cost of changeing to APS-C, which is likely to be more expensive and traumatic if one already has a substantial commitment in "crop" lenses. Starting from scratch would be less so. Perhaps one day in the future all sensors in DSLRs will be FF and anything smaller will be relegated to compacts and mobile phones. Maybe in 10 years time we'll all be taking photographs with our Google Glasses instead of traditional cameras. Who knows.

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