Rethinking 4/3 Depth Of Field

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Horses for courses...

Great Bustard wrote:

Further, if we compare at apertures slightly smaller than these, e.g., f/2.8 versus f/5.6, the difference in MTF becomes close to insignificant in the first place.

Let's put that to the test, too.  I'm honestly curious to see the results from a competent test.  As I said, no matter which way it falls, I'm of the opinion that the differences are nothing to fret over.

I agree. I think there are probably more things getting in the way of optimal IQ other than lens sharpness or noise.

In any case, if you are always going for the deeper DOF in low light, seems to me that the size and bulk of the FF system compared to the EM5 system makes the EM5 system the overall winner, although there may be operational advatanges that may substantially favor one over the other.

This, I think, is the key. I see my Nikon and m4/3 kits as complimentary; I don't understand the urge to have one replace the other or be the end-all-be-all do everything camera. My main consideration when choosing to use my OMD is size and, as you point out, other operational benefits such as the tilt screen and touch-to-focus. I'm not gonna pick up my OMD and then make a convoluted argument as to why its greater DOF is superior. I'm gonna pick it up and use it when it is the best tool for the job. Same goes for my Nikon: when it's the tool I need, I'll use it. Kinda like I used to select film back in the dark ages. I didn't choose Velvia and talk about why its hideous reddish rendering of skin tones was perfect for a certain look. I'd just choose Astia if I was shooting portraits.

And, yes, don't forget the awesome IBIS in the EM5.

Again, one of the operational considerations when choosing which camera is best for a given situation. These days I'm finding that my main consideration is 'I don't mind carrying it' and, as such, my Nikon is rather lonely.

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