iZoom, FZ200, LX7, FastStone - a few thoughts

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Re: iZoom, FZ200, LX7, FastStone - a few thoughts

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Nice comparisons BUT for me I would rather try EZ ZOOM first.  The extended range youreducing just cropping out the central portion of the sensor ( goingdown from 12 mp to 8 or 5mp) gives better results than any of the digital zoom variations in my opinion.

I used 3mp and 5mp EZ Zoom a lot with my FZ8 and FZ38 and that was my start point for looking at iZoom.

With the FZ200, 5mp EZ gives me 37.5x zoom and a 5mp file.  iZoom at 37x or 48mp or whatever between 24x and 48x gives me a 12mp file.

That would be meaningless if it gave inferior quality, but the iZoom pics I have shown here compare very favourably with the 24x normal zoom pics, it seems to me.

It seems that it does not just insert extra pixels, the iResolution is said to balance noise and sharpening. But I don't know the technology of it.


My problem with EZ zoom is when less than 24x you files are a lower res than the sensor. Why throw away resolution when you have izoom to keep using 12MP from 25mm to 600mm?

EZ Zoom uses sensor-cropping in combination with optical zoom, and only in some situations down-samples the recorded images. I-Zoom and Digital Zoom use the sensor-cropping and up-sample the result to larger pixel-sizes.

Up-sampling does not restore sensor resolution lost due to sensor-cropping, whatsoever ...

What counts is which approach is reducing loss of sensor resolution the least by minimizing sensor-cropping for the same composite Zoom Factor. Reduced sensor resolution is worse than down-sampling - because it limits the image-data gathered in the first place, whereas down-sampling is able to include the image-data gathered by the image-sensor (in the process of interpolation followed by anti-alias filtering followed by decimation to lower pixel-resolution).

Plus you get cropped raw files with izoom if you want to shoot raw.

Granted. It's too bad that Panasonic does not allow the same for EZ Zoom (and Digital Zoom?).

There is no change in how much of the sensor is used while in EZ.  If you set it to 5MP when you are at 25mm your throwing away resolution.  Your using the same 12MP of the sensor and the camera is downresing it to 5MP.  So the entire range of 25mm to 600mm you are throwing away resolution.  I would rather use izoom.  At least your looking at the full 12MP from 25mm to 600mm.  Above 24x you are cropping in the EZ and izoom setting.  The only difference is instead of going up to 12MP it goes down to 5MP until it hits 5MP area of the sensor which is 37.5x zoom.

What might be useful with EZ is the downresing may help clean up noise but your still throwing away resolution in the primary optical zoom range with is 25mm to 600mm.  That never changes.  EZ doesn't add any more optical zoom...your just cropping the sensor.

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