How good is the X100S?

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Re: How good is the X100S?

I must say sgoldswo took all of this criticism like a real gentleman. Yes I'm sorry the pictures aren't very good but that's ok. Its a good start. Personally I think no personal photos should be allowed on this forum unless that accompany a statement and they are an example of what the statement is about, like say lens vignetting or a quality review of a lens. Why do people who come here and chat back and forth about the merits of a camera or system have to be subject to the egotistical photographers who think anything they put up here should be considered great work or in fact why do they assume anyone cares? Isn't Instagram, Flickr and Tumbler just to name a few enough. And they are basically photo sites. Spare us the pain and put pictures on photo sharing sites where they belong.

iforum wrote:

Challenge yourself and learn how to use the camera , by posting snapshots you are doing yourself disservice , the net is full of unedited mediocrity why add to it. Show a great shot and the responses will be different.

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