Is FF sensors going to slowly phase out?

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Re: Is FF sensors going to slowly phase out?

Erik Magnuson wrote:

oklaphotog wrote:

The 135mm STF was not made as an uber shallow DOF lens.

It was not made to be used stopped down either.

Sure it is. There is nothing wrong with stopping it down. Most of the rough transfer in any fast lens is at wider apertures. The STF gives you the ability to have smoothness in both uses, rather than just stopped down. Plenty of people have shot the STF stopped down some, especially in the studio.

As far as the 200/2 lenses. When these lenses were designed, the intention of that extra stop was not for achieving even less DOF. It was for getting a faster shutter speed in low lighting situations. These lenses were designed for sports shooters and photojournalists.

But that's not who bought most of them - the DOF is too shallow for tracking AF to be useful.  Who did buy these lenses? Wedding photographers in Japan and Korea.

Several magazines and newspapers own these lenses. There just aren't as many staff pools as there are wedding photogs. Weddings are mostly photojournalism. Most of the time you can't shoot up close during the ceremony and have to shoot from the back. In an extremely dark church that extra stop may mean the difference between getting a good sharp shot of the kiss or not.

The difference in DOF between F2 and F2.8 at most shooting distances on a 200mm lens is not enough to keep you from tracking AF, especially on a Pro body like a 1D series. By the time the subject is close enough that the DOF would be too shallow, the subject would be too close for the camera to accurately track even if you had more DOF. No matter what camera body you have once a fast object is closer than about 20 feet moving at the camera, tracking accuracy goes down the tubes. Saying a 200/2 can't track is like saying a 600/4 can't track. A 600/4 has far less DOF at any given distance than a 200 @ F2. Plenty of people track birds and other smaller objects with a 600/4 at the same distances a 200/2 would be used on a human playing sports, or of a fireman running out of the front of a burning building.

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