Would you buy D7100 again?

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Re: Would you buy D7100 again?

I've only had the D7100 for just over 5 days and already I'm very impressed but obviously still on a steep learning curve, especially moving from a Pentax K5 IIs. You might ask why I moved to Nikon and thats a good question:-

1. The Pentax K5 IIs is a great camera, as was the K5 I had before it. But I just never felt I was comfortable with it and had to work hard to get it to perform the way I wanted it too.

2. I've had a Canon 5D MkII, and a 7D and whilst great cameras they didn't produce image quality to match what I found with the K5. Not just me but other users noted the same on various forums.

3. Heard so much about Nikon D7100 and I thought I'd give it a try whilst keeping the Pentax K5 IIs to compare and then decide which to keep.

Even now after only a few days I'm much more happy with the way the D7100 works, feels and the quality of the images. Not to say that the K5 IIs is in any way inferior its not. I just feel me and the D7100 are getting along perfectly, it just feels so right and is not hard to get it to work well for me. Ok, some of the images I've captured aren't spot on but I'm still learning the new Nikon system.

I bought the D7100 with the 18-105mm lens as a kit knowing I'd put the 18-105mm lens to one side and buy other glass. So my final purchases were the 16-85mm and 70-300mm VR lenses and that is going to be my all purpose kit for now. I may add a couple of primes later if I feel the need. All I can say is the two new lenses are amazing, even in the crappy British dull weather, which is worse than ever this year. Supposed to be Spring yet still like Winter!!! Can't wait for some sunshine and blue skies.

So in answer to your question, would I buy a D7100 again?......most definately YES but only with the lenses I've purchased with it, and obviously along with any primes that may prove useful later.

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