What is largest possible print size with a GH3 1 and 12-35/f2.8 (without loss of Quality)

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Re: What is largest possible print size with a GH3 1 and 12-35/f2.8 (without loss of Quality)

josbiker wrote:

Is there a relation in viewing on a P.C. monitor at 100% with a 16MP file, and if so, what is than the size of the printed photo?( with the same quality in relation too very minor details of the photo (pixpel peeping))

On my screen viewing at 33% gives me very close to actual print size and seems to be a good indicator of what the print will look like. Because of this I use 50% view for my quality checks when enlarging. I've done up to 36x48 with no pixelation and they hold up well to close inspection. That being said, very few of my images make it this far. They have to be very sharp to start with and the less PP the better.

I shoot raw, up-size and save from LR as PSD and then use Photoshop to convert to PDF for the printer. The more adjustments I make in LR or PS means the max size will be smaller assuming I start with a nice sharp image.

When in doubt, up-size your image, crop out a 8x10 of a critical area and have the printer run it. Won't cost much and gives you a good idea of what you'll get.

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