Advice on low-light photography (s30f14? no OSS)

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Re: Advice on low-light photography (s30f14? no OSS)

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

OSS would not help you make shutter speed faster. It could, potentially, make your shutter speed slower as it only address camera shake issues. Besides, I don’t think you will have much issue with ISO under relatively dark conditions. In fact, if you don’t mind shooting RAW with manual mode, you could simply set ISO 800 (you might be able to use even ISO 400), set the shutter speed and aperture as needed. If the lighting conditions did require ISO 3200, you could simply bump up the exposure in RAW by 2-stops. The advantage will be in better dynamic range at ISO 800 compared to 3200. But, you could take a few test shots prior to choosing this setting so you have a benchmark for the conditions.

Alternatively, you could go with aperture priority and manual ISO. If you must leave the lens wide open, you simply increase the ISO to get at least 1/50s. And again, if shooting RAW, you notice getting a good exposure at 1/60s, f/1.4 and ISO 800, but want to freeze action, switch over to shutter priority. Leave the ISO at 800 and increase the shutter speed by 1-2 stops (1/125s-1/250s). The aperture value will blink but ignore it. And then increase the exposure in RAW processing by 2-stops. You won’t have a noticeable benefit in terms of noise compared to ISO 3200 but you will be able to recover highlights better (and color will be better too at lower ISO).

Excellent advice! Of course, if you choose "P" mode on the NEX-6 and watch the shutter speed in the EVF, you can use your thumb to adjust the shutter speed to optimize aperture.

Also - make sure you use the spot metering mode. You care only about the illuminated faces. The reason why so many newbies blow campfire type scenes is because they try to balance the illuminated area with the darkness. That's why they believe they need faster lenses than they really need.

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