Rethinking 4/3 Depth Of Field

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Re: Lovely pix and excellent presentation of your argument
Then the argument was switched around so that razor thin DoF was practically the raison d'etre for taking a picture. Of course, you had to have the most expensive lens to achieve it so ordinary mortals were excluded. This was a fad for a while, then the world got back to the business of expecting photographs to show them what the world looked like.

Yes Razor thin DoF is pretty much the only thing that differentiate a camera from the really good ( and very useful with all software available and ease to upload) Iphone 5 (or last Samsung).

It s now getting to the point that having a camera with lot of DoF does not make that much senses, the cameras integrated in iphone/phones in 2-3 years will be even more awesome.

Yeah I m shallow with my facebook pics

Affordable FF mirrorless can not come fast enough, it s the only way forward for manufacturers against fast improving phones.

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