Graphic Card upgrade from nVidia 285+

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Re: Gaming, huh? ;-)

Mark K wrote:

Dear Jim

Thank you for your reply. I have been busy looking into reasons to choose between an AMD 7970 and a 4Gb gtx680 card because all I get is a false impression that my current monitors (one 24" and one 30") require a video card with much more memory. I am currently very happy with my gtx 285 except in newer games where I pushed details to very high.

Thanks again.

If it were my money, I'd just buy one of these for $189.99 delivered if I wanted a fast card for gaming:

It's factory OCd for the best stability/speed combo for that chipset, and It's probably around 4 times as fast as your existing card and able to take anything you're throw at it using higher resolutions and quality settings with any games you're using.

If you have a MB supporting SLI, you could add a second card that would let you run circles around a GTX 680, and still spend less money (you could buy two OCd GTX 660 cards for less than a single GTX 680).

Benchmarks for GTX 285 with a G3D score of 1251:

Bechmarks for GTX 660 (based on mostly benchmarks from standard versus overclocked models) with a G3D core of 4077:

Benchmarks for GTX 680 with G3D score of 5626:

IOW, yes, the GTX 680 is a faster card.  But, you're paying a *lot* more for that increase.

Look at the "bang for the buck" you get with a GTX 660 instead.  The pages I linked to above include a value section as the bottom of the pages, so you can look at price/perfomance; and the GTX 660 offers a  lot more for it's price.    If your motherboard supports it, you could buy two GTX 660 cards for the price of one GTX 680, and have a lot better performance using two cards with SLI.

So, personally, I'd just grab an Overclocked GTX 660 (see the link I posted above), as it is dramatically faster compared to your GTX 285; and is going to work well for virtually anything you'd want to throw at it; with the best price/performance ratio around when comparing cards in it's price range.

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