if only!!!!

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Re: if only!!!!

hi D

you seem to be a little off on your last message.
I can't wax lyrical about photography, I can't wax lyrical about the music I like, its just not me. its not a case of not wanting to discuss this image, there's just nothing to say from my point of view. I wouldn't know what to say, I either like a image or I don't, but there will be reasons why I do or don't like the image, but I can't convey the reasons in flowery terms.
you seem to be well within your comfort zone when talking about images, sadly I'm nowhere near to your level.

`its good to step outside your comfort zone occasionally, but is nicer to step back into it` PC.

Hi Paul,

Apologies if my last message came a bit off. I am very tired today and as you know communicating over the internet is a bit difficult. I interpreted your messages (and Mike's) as discouraging me discussing any images further and I was a bit disappointed, that is all.

Now, one thing you should know about me is that talking about these things is definitely not my comfort zone as I know little about photography. That is why discussing why we like images is interesting to me. I hate it if I do not understand why I like something.. Strange, isn't it?

Best, D

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