Nikon D800 or D7100 for aspiring photographer

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Re: Nikon D800 or D7100 for aspiring photographer

greg606 wrote:


I need your advise. I recently sold my Canon 50D and and C 70-300 and stayed with C 17-55 2.8.

I bought Nikon D7100 with 18-300.


Now I am considering switching it to D800 + primes. I decided to switch to nikon based on dxomark scores and more attractive prices.  I am not a pro but I am aiming to. I have an IT company with photography as one of the fields of operationWhat's important to me is superior image quality.  I shoot mainly personal shots - family, journeys (now I go to Toscany)  I love wildilfe photograph.

I am dissatisfied with perfomance of d71000 (5frames!, small buffer, too small for my hands, small viewfinder) and totally with the lens (I bought terrible lens with hell of distortions, loq IQ).

If I buy d800 I will initially go with 1-2 primes which can be hard for me as I love zooms convenience but I was planning to switch to more image quality and landed with some bad choices.  Also d800 would place me in the market with some earning potential as I dont see d7100 here. But I read - not good for weddings, not god for concerts, not good for animals, sports at all.

I feel d800 will be switch into full artistic expression. I love catching the moments.

What would you advice?

Nikon d800 has some limitations for me too - FPS being one. But image quality is something I'm aiming at.

On the other hand I am more gadget man than really into photography (feel unhappy with anything than best). Of course price is also a factor, too.

some my photos:

You can't possibly judge the D7100 image quality, and its full potential, with your admitted bad 18-300. Get those primes, or the "holy trinity" first. If size of the camera is a concern, get the MB-D 15 grip. If you are still not happy, then opt for the D800.

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