How good is the X100S?

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Re: How good is the X100S?

Not to single him out but you might look at Friedlander's "The Desert Seen" and find the images there that meet your cirteria of photos that depict a 'single element' that grabs your immediate attention.  Some photographers make images that are more complex than that. Arguably that is a significant challenge. There's no arguing with taste and we all like    what we like but what you or I like may be an incomplete definition of what constitutes 'good picturs'.

mikew5163 wrote:

No, I believe she was talking to Charlie Chaplin - you just can't see him!

But I take your point - that was rather a sweeping statement!  I guess I just mean that street photos with eye contact are the ones I find most engaging.  Others in the thread have suggested there needs to be a single element that grabs your immediate attention, which is actually probably closer to the 'essential' requirement of a street photo.

framus wrote:

mikew5163 wrote:

I think you need to forgive people for not spotting the link to your blog - it wasn't exactly obvious.  'Read my blog entry by clicking here' would have been better text to put in the link!

Anyway, you're probably getting negative comments about these photos because a) they don't show us anything technically that couldn't be done with a lesser camera and b) they're missing that all important facet of a good street photo; i.e. some kind of eye contact between either the photographer and the main subject or between people within the image.  Something in the image needs to tell us a story about what's going on under the surface.  That's what is missing from these photos, in my opinion (which I'm happy to be told is wrong because I am no street photographer myself!).

Not saying you are wrong but to assume that "some kind of eye contact between either the photographer and the main subject or between people within the image" is an essential quality of 'street photography' (whatever that may be) might rule out an image like this photo from Lee Friedlander:

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