Nikon FF v APS-C image comparison

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bkpix wrote:

In comparing the two cameras, he finds virtually identical color and sharpness in low ISO images -- to his own surprise. The D600, as expected, has better high ISO image quality and shorter depth of field for the same aperture.

The only surprising thing is that he's surprised.  At (near enough) equal FOV and equal MP count it would be astonishing if sharpness wasn't equal: unless one of the lenses was visibly poorer than the other.  The nature of the colours from two same-generation sensors from the same maker would also be expected to be the same: there are probably differences in colour depth that can be measured but not seen in shots like these.

Those are the things you'd expect to be the same and they are.  The things you'd expect to be different are noise and DOF and - roll of drums - they are different.

Yes, it's Ken Rockwell. Before the hand-wringing begins, let me just say I enjoy his common sense approach to many gear issues, though it does pay to read his site regularly enough to keep his enthusiasms in a reasonable perspective.

Indeed.  It's a shame he gets carried away with his own rhetoric at times and I wish he'd mute the saturation of his photos; but when he talks about equipment he's usually pretty sensible.

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