Looking for a P&S compliment to my E-M5, advice please.

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Re: Looking for a P&S compliment to my E-M5, advice please.

Jim Boutilier wrote:

S. Miller wrote:

Thanks Jim for a very well thought out answer. I agree, I think all of these will do the job. It will probably come down to which one feels comfortable and doesn't get in the way of itself when I'm trying to take photos.

I'm curious since you have the X10, which I believe is fairly similar to the X20, any thoughts on the Fuji compared to the RX100?


Physically the X10 and X20 are almost identical.  But if course the X20 had an updated sensor, focus, processor and firmware that makes across the board improvments.  I can only speak to the X10 but the X20 is likely to be even better in a number of areas.

The RX100 and the X10 are really different cameras.  I would categorize the RX100 as a pocket snapshot camera that offers almost DSLR quality images.  I would categorize the X10 as an Enthusiast photographer's compact.

The RX100 is about pocketability, simplicity, and image quality.  There is nothing you can add to it and while it does offer some creative control, its really meant to be a snapshot camera that offers almost DSLR quality images.

The Fuji is about look and feel and ergonomics and creative control while still offering very good image quality for a compact.  It offers a variety of accessories and is more targeted at the enthusiast photographer.  It's glass is excellent.  Its colors are great.  The EXR sensor can offer some features of a much large sensored camera (at the price of sensor resolution).  The manual zoom and other analog controls are a pleasure to use.  The OVF is great to have but of limited use with no shooting info in it.  For older folks like me that grew up with classic film cameras, the X10 has a nostalgic look and feel that enhances its use.

From my perspective the X10 is much more pleasurable to use and a more powerful, versatile camera than the RX100.  But its size and weight is not all that different from an EM5 with a pancake or collapsable zoom.  So when I'm willing to carry something of this size I'd always choose the EM5.  Since I got an EM5, my X10 has seen little use, but if I had a larger system camera than the EM5 I'd still be happily using the X10 for many situations.  If I was looking for an enthusiast compact I would likely choose the X20 of those in your list.

I got the RX100 as a replacement pocket camera for my Canon S95.  I love its size and image quality combination and because of its size its with me much more often than the EM5 or X10.  Buts its not a photographers camera thats a pleasure to use - its a snapshot camera with great image quality that offers some creative control where scenes are challenging.

Sorry this is so subjective, but you can see all the objective differences from reviews and you seem to have a good handle on these already.

Good luck with your choice!

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Jim, thanks for your reply. I agree with your point about the X20/X10 re: size. Since I want this for more of a "go anywhere", "don't think twice about taking it with me" camera, the X20 seems just a bit too big. I also had an S95 and appreciated its size. For that reason the RX100 has a lot going for it. Can I assume from your comments above that the Sony has just as many customization options as the LX7 and XZ2, however, because of its small size, making some of those custom changes is a bit cumbersome (thereby making it less pleasurable to use)? It only makes sense. I figure you have to give up some handling to gain the small form factor.

Thanks to everyone for your suggestions and help. I'm sure I'll pick up either the RX100, LX7, or XZ2 over the next month, depending on what moves me at the time and if there are any crazy sales.


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