What is largest possible print size with a GH3 1 and 12-35/f2.8 (without loss of Quality)

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Re: What is largest possible print size with a GH3 1 and 12-35/f2.8 (without loss of Quality)

First, not only the MP matters, it matters also that you are using a good lens, and do everything else right to get a sharp photo.  Where MP really matter is where you start to see pixellation, but even that can be avoided by upscaling a smaller image.  Some form of interpolation is used to upsize a 6MP image to a 15MP image, for example.

So rules based on pixels per inch (PPI) are really only general rules of thumb.

But as a rough guide, assuming you get a good shot with the GH3 and 12-35, I would say most people won't see a difference in an 8" x 10" print compared to a sharper image from a FF DSLR.  That is, it's possible to get more measurable resolution from a higher MP FF camera with the best lenses, but it's debatable whether the difference can even be seen at that size.

Once you get to about 16" x 20" and larger though, I would think you should be able to notice a difference compared side-to-side, but the OM-D print will still look good.  And even then, it's not going to be true in every case, and you may need to use good technique, a tripod with mirror lockup, good lenses, etc., with the FF camera for the difference to show.

For a larger size, say 24"x36" or larger, you might want to upscale your image to, for example, a 40 MP file first.  At that size, you maybe won't astound anyone who looks from up close with the level of resolution, but so long as your picture astounds in other ways, that might not matter. And the upsized image will still look smooth, not pixellated.  In many real world situations, many people still won't know the difference.

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