Why Win8 will succeed. Or fail.

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Re: Worst. PC. Sales. Ever.

Sean Nelson wrote:

Justifiable or not, it hit the headlines in today's Financial Post:

Microsoft’s Windows 8 gets blame for worst PC decline on record

I was in the local BestBuy store yesterday.  As usual, I browsed through the computer section looking at the latest and greatest.  In the past, I always saw some folks using the demo desktops and laptops, playing with them for a while and moving to another one.

Yesterday saw a few people try to use the Win8 UI but not being familiar with it, they gave up and after seeing that all of the demo units were displaying the Metro UI, they all walked away.  So in effect, all of the Win8 PCs were just sitting idle the whole time I was lurking.

I bought what I was there for, browsed through the camera section and then looked at the PC section before leaving.  Not a single person was playing with any of the Win8 PCs.

I believe Win8 is hurting the sales of PCs at BestBuy,

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