Using Elinchrom Dlite 4 with octabox for video key light?

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Re: Semi-good answer

I own the Elinchrom D-Lite 4's and I would have to say they would be a bad choice for this use. They do have built in, thermostatic fans which will come on pretty quickly if put into an Octabank and are fairly noisy, ie: they will be heard in any dialog or sound recording. Also, being basically plastic lights they are limited to using 100 watt tungsten bulbs which, when knocked down two stops by the Octabank would be pretty darn dim. Finally, since they are not halogen bulbs the color temp is down in the 2600-2800K range which means more noise in the blue channel. You will have to do a CWB to have neutral color. All in all you'd be better off going to a big hardware store, buying a $50 halogen worklight kit (500 watts) and aiming the lights through some inexpensive white diffusion a white sheet spread between two light stands.

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