Older Minolta Lenses

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Re: Older Minolta Lenses

Keit ll wrote:

Yes but the main problem will be the lack of an image stability system as is found in Minolta & Sony DSLRs & SLTs.

This lack becomes more of an issue the longer the focal length of the lens , try putting a 500mm mirror lens on a NEX & you will see an image which dances around on the LCD or in the EVF & which can only be controlled by using a tripod. I have issues with shorter FLs as well & need good sunlight in order to have fast shutter speeds of at least 1/ 2x FL in order to control camera shake reliably.

Some will protest at these comments but I am speaking from my personal experience & would caution those contemplating this move.

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Keith C

If he has had those in the closet for many years, presumably he used them with Minolta film cameras which had no stabilization.

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