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At my other job I had a conversation with somebody. I knew them as they are a photographer. The last time we spoke, which was a week or two back, he was fairly chipper and said that there was money in photography if you were any good at it. Today he came in, a bit down at the mouth having completed moving house. Apparently the bank had repossessed his home.

Now, what does that tell you about the market? He has a very nice website with lots of very nice photos. He's capable and has an eye for a photo plus years and years of experience.

Photography does not make money any more. It's dead!

I have read most of your posts and I must say, you are one of the most negative persons I have come a cross. I am sure your attitude comes out loud and clear to your clients.

Business might be dead for you, but it is alive and well for me. Perhaps it is time you stop trying to convince all of us and just sell off your equipment and get out of this business.

Enough of this doom and gloom.

Craig Bennett

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