What is the best digital camera for photographing fast moving objects? (sports, children, animals)

Started Apr 9, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: You mean like this?

Jimmy jang Boo wrote:

BrewLab wrote:

Jimmy jang Boo wrote:

AF is too slow for fast moving subjects.

Unless the OP plans on shooting speeding bullets that's a very misleading statement. In fact,   one of the more ridiculous statements I've seen on this forum. Have you any actual real life experience with this camera? If not, it's pretty irresponsible to suggest to the OP, who's asking for people's opinions before making a major purchase, to talk down a camera that may fit their needs perfectly just because you in love with the camera you've chosen to use. I can look at the specs on the V1 and come to the conclusion that it's probably not for me (I need better high ISO performance and prefer more control over my camera settings), but having no real life experience with it, I would never suggest to someone that it's inferior to my kit (even if it is). Not to mention that it's comparing apples to oranges...SLT to compact mirrorless.

If you actually have owned an A57, I stand corrected.

You stand corrected. The OP wants too shoot fast moving action, as in sports... kids running around or even more challenging, towards you... a dog bolting after a ball, birds in flight, etc... not a team of players standing still in between plays, or kids sitting on a sofa or snoozing pets.

DPR reviewed the A57 and wrote...

When photographing static and slow-moving subjects we found the AF system to work quickly and accurately. Fast-moving subjects, are much more of a challenge, however. While you can capture 10fps in the camera's continuous AE priority mode, you shouldn't expect a 100% hit rate. At anything more demanding than a leisurely cycling pace along a straight line, the A57 can struggle to accurately predict subject position at relatively close range."

The OP is welcome to prove them wrong.

So, you haven't owned the camera you're talking about. Thanks for proving my point.

Oh and btw....the OP doesn't have to. Everyone who actually owns this camera already has.

Very dim gymnasium with a lens that was ill suited to the task. Still able to capture action at ISO 3200.

For the record, I'm not a Sony fan boy ( I've looked very hard at the D600 )and I certainly don't want to get into a p**sing match about whose camera is better. I just take issue when someone asks for help and gets feedback that is based on anything other than actual hands on experience. I'm sure the Nikon 1V is a great camera, but so is the A57...even (especially) for fast action


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