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I do not wish to self identify on the internet. I prefer to remain anonymous.

Meanwhile, I figure if this topic is aired enough, it might stop a few people following the idea that somehow just magically there might be a market for photography.

When it gets down to people saying "ah but you needed to do this" we are into snake oil territory as I found with SEO. Now that was a waste of time, effort and money. There's no point in being on whatever page of google if nobody is going to click on your website. I had a lot telling me "ah but what you needed to do" and each time it was a waste of time, effort and money.

I can lead a horse to water. I cannot make him drink. I can put an optimised website out there on page 1 of google. I cannot make people visit. I can show people my work and get gasps of admiration and questions on how I achieved various effects. I can't make people buy prints nor can I make people hire me.

Sales is partly temptation, partly encouragement and partly just dumb luck. I cannot sell a hammer to somebody that wants a screwdriver. The fact I have found is nobody wants to pay for photography no matter how badly they do it themselves.

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