20x60 inch Canvas print

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Re: 20x60 inch Canvas print

hypercore360 wrote:

Curious, is your monitor calibrated?

It is, but to be done properly it would need to be calibrated to the actual printer which is what I do with the printer I use at home. Here is a snip-it from the conversation I had with them.

I've had no issues since I started adjusting the files I upload to them.

I'm glad to hear that you're happy with your canvases, but I understand what you mean about the dark areas of your photos. Unfortunately, what you describe is very common. Our PrePress Manager and senior color tech said this about it:

"Monitor gamuts are much larger than printer/media gamuts. The process of color conversion from an image to a printer/media calculates gamut compression based on many factors. One of these factors is human color perception. The human eye is more capable of seeing color in highlights and mid-tones, therefore the algorithms that compress the much larger image gamut to a smaller print gamut tend to apply more compression in the 3/4 tones to shadow tones, thus reducing the amount of detail reproduced in those areas."

The solution, then, is to modify the image to account for this. Photoshop has excellent tools for doing so with their adjustment layers, leaving the changes editable so they can be tweaked without changing the base image. We don't have the luxury here of a trial-and-error print process for perfectly dialing in the color we want, but with calibrated and profiled machinery, an understanding of the process, and appropriate print expectations, we can go a long way to getting results with which you'll be pleased.

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