Anyone jump ship to the D7100 yet?

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Re: Anyone jump ship to the D7100 yet?

Keith Z Leonard wrote:

When I saw the specs of the 7100 I admit I was a but surprised.  The 7D stacks up favorably to it with the exception of low ISO DR.  I would have thought that Nikon would have made the 7D killer by now, but they just haven't.

i'm a nikon shooter(d700/d300s/d600),most of my colleagues are canon shooters and we switch cameras all the time,i like the 7d camera a lot..i've just finished field testing a d7100..and it does deliver fantastic iq..much better than my bullet proof d300s..i'm hoping that canon produces the killer 7dmk2 at force nikon to build their own favorite canon camera this time around is the 5dmk3..fantastic camera..and much better all around camera than canon 6d and nikon d600...BTW all the canon guys in my circle that tried d7100..loved it..but would not switch due to heavily invested in canon..same for most nikon shooters not switching to canon.happy shooting

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