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Fogsville wrote:

nikonFboy wrote:

its a bad habit of mine, i have a fetish for exclamation marks, always have.

i had to look up `semiotic` in the dictionary lol.

anyone can interpretate the image however they want, but i just saw a guy on his phone and a girl on a poster, and thought, this might work. i didnt stand on the opposite platform thinking about uncertainty, exclusion and conditionality, i saw the image, i took the shot.

its really that simple for me, this may make me a lesser photographer in some peoples eyes, than someone who can cover their images with fancy words, flowery explanations and pretentious meanings.

but i am pleased that you like the image, it means a lot to me.


Semiotics is powerful stuff.  It's how we interpret the world through our 'cultural glasses.'  It would behoove every photographer to study semiotics (and it's required in most all graduate photo programs at university.)

"Anyone can interpret the image however they want."  Yes, indeed they can.  And they will. It's up to the author of the image to get them to interpret it in the way the author intended otherwise photography is simply an exercise in randomness.  Which it is not.  It is a conscientious act.

Appending a title to an image is forcing the viewer to interpret the image in respect to the title.  It's why newspapers always have captions to their photographs, so the viewer gets the point.  Otherwise it's a free-for-all depending on the viewer's own world view.

Photography is a difficult medium. On one hand, it's a mechanical realistic copy of the world.  On the other hand it's also a complete fabrication made up by the author based on the author's intent (using a multitude of tools at their disposal including framing and other such choices.)

People should practice recording the world conscientiously and ask themselves why are they even making a particular image in the first place.  And of what value that might be for the viewer.  Or make images in a vacuum and never show them to anyone.

Thank you for this post. My own thoughts are not driven by knowledge, but more from genuine interest/curiosity in photography as art, so it is good to hear from others who know a lot more.


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