Rethinking 4/3 Depth Of Field

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Al, there are several things that affect DOF:

Viewing angle (focal length), distance from subject, and lens speed (aperture) all affect

DOF.  The critics speak as if there's no chance of isolating a subject with a 4:3 size sensor.  It all depends on the confluence of the elements mentioned.

It boils down to knowing how to use your camera for best effect.  It doesn't hurt to have fast lenses either.  Hence when Oly introduced 4:3, most of their lenses were at least a stop faster than their counterparts on APSC based lenses.  Full frame was a little harder so the SHG lenses are two stops faster, and that does a lot to level the playing field.

The down side is when you build an F-2 zoom, it's BIG, and the advantage of smaller size is lost to some degree.  As you mention, you are usually able to hold a higher shutter speed because of the larger aperture and that can be very important at times.

Like all camera systems, there are pluses and minuses to each different system.  I think the real looser for 4:3 was the lack of a true state of the art sensor.  That's no longer true

with the advent of the EM-5.  Mostly, it's just knowing how to get the best from your equipment.

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