Is FF sensors going to slowly phase out?

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Re: Reality check check

Erik Magnuson wrote:

Just Having Fun wrote:

So even if a FF sensor only costs a few hundred, smaller sensors will still be cheap enough to affect camera price.

Yep - FF sensors will always be at the upper end of the price heap.

A FF lens comparable to the RX100 lens would cost thousands to make.

This depends on how you define "comparable".   To get the same available light performance with a FF sensor, you can raise the ISO about 2.7 stops.  Thus a 28-100mm f/4.5 - f/11 zoom would be comparable.  Something like the Canon 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 would be a bit better.

My bet is the RX100 lens is still much cheaper to make.  Also, in checking DxO and other sites, I see the RX100 and new Canon 6D FF camera have the same DR at ISO100.   Overall there is not ALWAYS a 2.7 stop difference.

I would rather bet that soon smaller sensors will hit the point where the difference between them and FF is either not noticeable or needed

The difference will always be more or less constant for the same sensor generation.

Maybe, but in real life is there is not a noticeable difference, the cheaper, smaller ones will win.  MP3s are worse than CDs, and smartphones are worse than P&S.  Other factors are more important.

(again look how hot the RX100 is even with FF owners)

As a second camera.  How many of them sell the FF?

If you check the Sony, NEX and other mirrorless forums you will see post from people selling off their FF cameras every day.

IMHO, FF and medium format will remain niches, smartphones will dominate, and cameras like NEX will replace most DSLRs.

Not any time soon.  Mirrorless is not gaining on DSLRs today and the trend is not positive.

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Except in a few years mirrorless went from 0% to over 40% in counties like Japan.  You can't look at only a few months of data.  As anyone here will tell you, cameras without a mirror are cheaper to make, and CDAF is more accurate than PDAF for the kind of focusing 90% of camera users do.

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