For travel - 20mm or 25mm Panasonic?

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Re: For travel - 20mm or 25mm Panasonic?

Steven 2 wrote:

Which one would you take as part of travel kit, assuming you have both?  Is there any point in taking both??

Would love to hear some thoughts.  Thanks.

No don't take both. Take the 25 1.4.

What I would do and i just came back from a trip and I had the 12-35, 35-100, 7-14 & 25 1.4.  The 25 1.4 got ZERO use. Which made my decision to sell it and it sold yesterday with the GX-1 and 45-200.  Keeping my GH-3.

Anyway, If you own both the 20 1.7 & 25 1.4 and can come up with the difference sell both and get the 12-35. Having a zoom while walking and on the move was perfect.  Your in bright Sun and don't always shoot at 1.4. You have to get physically close to the subject and open up to even get a noticeable shallow DOF. If your in shade you usually need fill flash. I had my Metz 50 AF-1.

The 7-14 with the 12-35 is great for all the wide to short tele stuff. If you think you need a portrait lens the 45 mm is good and for macro the Panasonic is perfect at that range when you do not need a telephoto lens in that Olympus.

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