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Re: if only!!!!

nikonFboy wrote:

Daedalus2000 wrote:

I can not help you D

`its good to step outside your comfort zone occasionally, but is nicer to step back into it` PC.

Who can?

you may be past help,

I think you are right!

the guy looks to be on his phone, maybe texting a girl, maybe one not as nice as on the poster.

I think a semiotic analysis of your picture will uncover more subtle, but still powerful, interpretations.

The combination of conditionality, exclusion, uncertainty, and the four exclamation marks in your title confused me...


its a bad habit of mine, i have a fetish for exclamation marks, always have.

i had to look up `semiotic` in the dictionary lol.

anyone can interpretate the image however they want, but i just saw a guy on his phone and a girl on a poster, and thought, this might work. i didnt stand on the opposite platform thinking about uncertainty, exclusion and conditionality, i saw the image, i took the shot.

its really that simple for me, this may make me a lesser photographer in some peoples eyes, than someone who can cover their images with fancy words, flowery explanations and pretentious meanings.

but i am pleased that you like the image, it means a lot to me.


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`its good to step outside your comfort zone occasionally, but is nicer to step back into it` PC.

I am sure you understood my humour.

I made a joke (the last sentence was really a joke) about the title because I think that some of your images really carry more "meaning" than the title can convey. Someone once said in this forum that we should not have titles in our images, and I start to agree. Sometimes the addition of a language hint can enhance an image, sometimes it can stop the viewer seeing more. And the exclamation marks I believe are your way of giving emphasis to your message, but the viewer may interpret it as excitement, which may not apply to the image. Everything you have in an image and everything you say about it carries a message (through symbols), and that is where semiotics come in. Misha for example wants to be vague about the message, maybe because he wants us to find our own meaning to his pictures....

Anyway, to go back to your image, please let me share some of my thoughts about it.

You say that you are pleased that I like the image. I agree, getting the visual aspect of an image right is important, but surely we want more from an image, and I believe your recent work shows that you search for more.

The visual reading of an image is (for me) a first step and you have succeeded greatly here. The colours mix wonderfully, the composition has nice geometry etc. But I think there is more. I see a great contrast between the world the advertisers want to "sell" us and the actual life. I see a great contrast between the beautiful female and the ordinary male. I see the contrast between the "interesting" life at the beach and the ordinary life of texting our wife to see what is for dinner. I also see the aesthetics of a modern station. I see something about loneliness.... In general, I see something interesting about modern life and society.... This message combined with a good visual composition makes an image much more interesting.

I hope you do not find the above pretentious. I mean them. No jokes this time.

Best, D

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