How good is the X100S?

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Re: How good is the X100S?

eastvillager wrote:

I totally agree with you. People don't seem to have a problem here when people are praising their photos but if someone says something negative about them it's trolling. Whats the point of these dark, uninteresting photos. I come here to read readers impressions, questions, suggestions and any interesting relevant information about the particular cameras in that forum. FIrst pictures should be be literally the first pictures seen from that camera. A week later you're just wearing us out with your own particular need to be praised and massaged. Put your pictures on flickr or instagram. If someone wants to actually follow you let them. This OP says I should put my pictures up. Why? If you can't take a good picture why would I care what you have to say about mine.

Eastvillager - I don't have any bones with you personally. You made a valid criticism of one of them which is more than Nico managed. On reflection I think I processed my shot of a tourist smoking on the bridge too dark. I choose that picture not because it was good, but because I liked it and I only had about 15 minutes to put the post together.

You, personally, don't have to like my photos and C&C is welcome. However, I'll confess I found the "my pictures are better than yours" tone in your first post a little grating. I don't really want you to show my your photos but you must be able to see why I made that comment. I don't want to fight with you, think of this as C&C on your posts.

I'm afraid I happen to disagree with you about whether people should post pictures here. I enjoy others posts of pictures whether family, holiday, pro work or others. I plan to continue to post stuff here. If you don't like it feel free to tell me so (but please tell me why) or ignore it.



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