Is FF sensors going to slowly phase out?

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Reality check

According to Thom H. and other sources, the cost to produce a sensor is close to exponential vs. size.    So even if a FF sensor only costs a few hundred, smaller sensors will still be cheap enough to affect camera price.  Now with the 2 Sony FF bodies costing over $2500 today, I would not hold my breathe for sub $500 bodies.

"By increasing the sensor size the lenses become cheaper to produce"

Also this claim about FF lenses costing less to make is false if you consider all the factors.  A FF lens comparable to the RX100 lens would cost thousands to make.

I would rather bet that soon smaller sensors will hit the point where the difference between them and FF is either not noticeable or needed (again look how hot the RX100 is even with FF owners), and in-camera software will reduce any concerns about shallow DoF.

IMHO, FF and medium format will remain niches, smartphones will dominate, and cameras like NEX will replace most DSLRs.

Oh, and the guys who invent/design today's sensors have repeatedly said the following is wrong too...

"Sensor QE of modern sensors is not far from the maximum (ideal sensor), there isn't much room for APS-C improvements left, the sensor size will soon become the only determining factor."

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