How good is the X100S?

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Re: How good is the X100S?

eastvillager wrote:

I totally agree with you. People don't seem to have a problem here when people are praising their photos but if someone says something negative about them it's trolling. Whats the point of these dark, uninteresting photos. I come here to read readers impressions, questions, suggestions and any interesting relevant information about the particular cameras in that forum. FIrst pictures should be be literally the first pictures seen from that camera. A week later you're just wearing us out with your own particular need to be praised and massaged. Put your pictures on flickr or instagram. If someone wants to actually follow you let them. This OP says I should put my pictures up. Why? If you can't take a good picture why would I care what you have to say about mine.

nicoboston wrote:

JCP_76 wrote:

nicoboston wrote:

Could you please explain precisely what, in these pictures, indicates that this camera is good ?

IMO, similar pictures could have been captured with a smartphone.

Hmmm, it's not the first time you've criticised the OP's work is it?

I suggest you stop trolling and show us your wonderful smartphone pics?

Criticizing is not trolling.

If you don't like criticism, don't make you images publicly available !

I don't understand what the original post is supposed to demonstrate, period. Am I authorized to be not impressed by these images ? To me, they look like smartphone-captured images. What do they look like at 100% ? Just bigger.

As far as I'm concerned, I share pictures with family and friends exclusively. I'm not narcissistic enough to make them publicly available, and I couldn't care less about your opinion about my "work". If people like you or the OP want to publish their pictures online, feel free to do it and be ready for criticism. That's a side effect of being public.

What nicoboston doesn't realize is that he is not providing anything constructive in his criticism, and is therefore only really posting for one purpose, to make a disparaging remark. I posted photos in another section of DPR earlier and had some comments come in. Some of them were in the form of a thumbs up, and others came in criticism of certain aspects of the photos. ALL of the criticism was fantastic, and I was happy to receive it and ask for further elaboration on it. Those tips will be helpful and constructive and appreciated, vs the stupidity that we see here.

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