New Canon Rebel closing the gap on M4/3s

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Re: EF-S lenses

Jere Landis wrote:

I agree, nice sensible comments. I have m4/3s and Canon, if I want to print big Ill use the Canon APS-C. If I want better low light, I'll use Canon, just a fact it's better. I love my Olys and Pannys, they are small light and easy going for 85% of what I do.

Lenses I love (after a bottle of Champagne, it's getting to be a cool evening, god this music is loud, oh and note on Canon I'm FF:

Panny 20/1.7 (teeny and great, IMHO better than the 25/1.4, by quite a bit, luckily Roger agrees with me, )

Pany 35-100/2.8 (really really nice, I think the best m43 lens, yes including the 75/1.8)

Canon 85/1.2 mk II (on a different planet to anything here, really, just staggeringly good at f1.2, people using Voigtlanders have no idea - I do miss their lenses I sold with my RD2 tho)

Canon 300/2.8 IS (stupidly sharp, m43 users have no clue as to what a good telephoto is, alas including me, slightly cheaper than a car, although I like nice cars)

Canon 24-105/f4 (best "standard" lens out there, err, Panasonic, do something!)

Canon 14/2.8 mk II (1.7% distortion on a 14, stupidly good, plus the corners don't get killed by software corrections as it's great just as it is - I get quite annoyed by people claiming that as uncorrected m43 results are quite good that means usable pictures are just as good in the corners, which is nonsense, IMHO, not a fan of fan-boys)

Canon 70-200 f2.8 mk II (insanely sharp at f2.8, better at lower apertures, but kinda big and heavy, as an example of pouring money into a lens to make something great it's beyond impressive, but my shoulders greatly prefer the 35-100, and my eyes can live with it if I avoid f2.8 as the Panny's stellar at f4-5.6, well on my GH3 anyway, at f2.8 the Canon is worth the shoulder ache)

Canon 40/2.8 (okay the first one was a dud, but the second one at f2.8 destroys the 12-35 Panny at any aperture you want, alas as I own the 12-35, but the 35-100 made up for it. Err, actually as a wide-angle for m43 the Panny is fine, just not, IMHO, as a standard lens)

Although for a Holiday the 14-140 and 20/1.7 is still a good idea... hmmm, like I'm going anywhere without the 35-100...

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