Is FF sensors going to slowly phase out?

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Re: Is FF sensors going to slowly phase out?

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There are two opposing trends, if you read the original (first) post:

  • APS-C sensor cameras keep getting better
  • FF sensor cameras keep getting more affordable

How so? Canon 6D and Nikon D600 simply follow the formula that Sony A850 did four years ago. The price has pretty much stayed put. However, more important is the price of lenses themselves. I have seen plenty of people complain about A99 being too expensive. I cannot agree with them, but more importantly, they seem pretty content if Sony were to drop the price by a $300-400 dollars. It won't even cover a lens that could get optimal performance out of a larger investment.

Solely looking at results, if APS-C and smaller sensors keep getting better, we're looking at focus shifting at other areas, including cost and convenience.

Most pro's use (zoom) lenses that are f/2.8. This equates roughly to f/2 on APS-C. That is sufficient DOF. (You can get extreme DOF with e.g. 85/1.4, but most pros only use such lenses for specific situations).
The answer is that APS-C cameras do not compete at the level of low noise, performance, sureness of focus method, and anyone trying FF versus APS-C for fast action will stay in FF domain, for a while to come. Even Sony has been struggling with the A99 to find professional acceptance - the SLT technology does not deliver at this level.

Based on what you say here, pros seem more dependent on each other than independent. But, as far as DoF is concerned, there isn't a practical advantage to it at longer focal lengths, only at shorter focal lengths due to lack of larger aperture short focal length lenses for APS-C.

Why is DoF only an advantage for shorter focal lengths?

Because at longer focal lengths, you start getting options on APS-C and DoF becomes shallower. For example, 200mm f/2.8 on APS-C compares to FoV and DoF of 300mm f/4 on FF. Yes, you can go shallower on FF by using a 300mm f/2.8 lens instead, but now cost and weight issues creep in. Also, at some point, shallow DoF can become too shallow and you'd end up stopping down anyway (a fact with macro lenses, for example).

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