A99 on short trip to TOKYO

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Re: A99 on short trip to TOKYO

123Mike wrote:

Your lady looks fabulous and you look great together. But what's with the contrast thing? Hazy as well. This has got to have been intentional, not? Is it even possible for these image to have come straight from the camera like this? Some massive post processing perhaps? Or you took raw and the raw processing software has all the wrong settings? Is it possible to fix this and repost?

Composition wise, it's great. Funny how you go all the way around the world and all the pictures are of your woman. So cute. You're not even paying attention to the camera settings. (I'm just pulling your leg)

As I mentioned earlier, very nice pictures, but this hazy look kills everything. It is quite obvious that you have an eye for photography, but stick to the tried , and true . I do not even like composition . For me, a capture is what I saw when I took the shot, and apart from some pp work which is essential especially if you shoot raw, it is what I got, and nothing more.

Designers and reviewers are all trying to make money, so they push every software that is developed today. Some are good.. very good such as the like as Niks, just to name one, and they are only software that I use besides Lightroom, and photoshop. If you still have the captures without any adjustments, show us what they actually look like. I bet that they will be great photos.

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