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ToddSC wrote:

I'd say that the business side of the equation has gotten a lot more competitive and those photographers that were not very good businessmen are the fatalities.

Competitive equals too many newbie photographers and too few clients.

There are a myriad of reasons for not being successful.  The fact that most of these friends are working other jobs indicates that they do not have enough sustaining work/revenue to continue to market their business.  And if you are waiting for work to fall in your lap then you have already given up.  Sure there are some that have that luxury but not many.  Chances are they put in the hard work building a client list years earlier.

For a myriad of reasons people just don't want to pay money for photography any more. It's too easy to do it yourself. The only hard bit any more is lighting and there are easily obtainable books on that.

Also I have seen a number of folks that think they need to have the latest/greatest in equipment to be a pro, so they spend a lions share of their profits on gear.  The equipment is a tool and needs to be used as an end to a means.  I still shoot with older gear but it still works and produces "sellable" images.

Excellent. This is what I do. I shoot with an XT - it produces 8 megapixels which will do excellent 16 x 24 prints. Most people only want 10 x 8 though. No real need to go bigger.

Many of the schools that are training photographers are doing a lousy job in training them to be a businessman.  I tell young students that rather than being a photography major, get an education in business with a minor in photography.

My 2 cents

Photography majors are time-wasting bull-hockey. Better to take a course in politics or business and learn something useful that you can fall back on if your photo career falls flat on its ass. Nobody will be interested in a BFA.

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