Is FF sensors going to slowly phase out?

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Re: Is FF sensors going to slowly phase out?

dpyy wrote:

blue_skies wrote:

I read that thread, but no one really had a really good explanation of why FF is needed. The only recurring answer that seems to be consistent is the need of extreme dof. Really? Can a sensor format be really be sustained by the demands of dof alone?

Continuation in:

There are two opposing trends, if you read the original (first) post:

  • APS-C sensor cameras keep getting better
  • FF sensor cameras keep getting more affordable

The second trend has put more FF cameras in the hands of amateurs (prosumers) than was foreseen and has actually given a rise to FF camera sales - no longer are they only used for professional venues.

And ask yourself - if you are in a professional venue, would you be satisfied with APS-C, knowing full well that your colleagues are using FF? The answer is not extreme DOF.

Most pro's use (zoom) lenses that are f/2.8. This equates roughly to f/2 on APS-C. That is sufficient DOF. (You can get extreme DOF with e.g. 85/1.4, but most pros only use such lenses for specific situations).

The answer is that APS-C cameras do not compete at the level of low noise, performance, sureness of focus method, and anyone trying FF versus APS-C for fast action will stay in FF domain, for a while to come. Even Sony has been struggling with the A99 to find professional acceptance - the SLT technology does not deliver at this level.

Now, there are many areas - landscape, social, travel, where APS-C cameras (DSLR or MILC) have come a long way and are becoming dominant.

But to your main topic question: No, I see no signs of FF cameras phasing out at all. See the rate of introduction of new FF cameras, and there corresponding sales.

I am not in the FF camera target market, but I would spring for a FF Nex, if the price was right. And I think that there are many more like me.

FF camera technology remains expensive, but the manufacturers have found ways to make APS-C gear quite expensive as well. Which tells me one thing - everyone continuously keeps looking for that one-better thing.

See the background buzz of people questioning FF, both in the positive and in the negative sense.

I am actually pleased to see that high end (non P&S) camera sales over all have been holding steady.

After all, the Cell Phone camera is now the most ubiquitous camera out there...

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