Is FF sensors going to slowly phase out?

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Re: Is FF sensors going to slowly phase out?

Your question is easy to answer: NO!
But the answer is not as easy as you may think.
You can have several reasons to go "Full Frame", like the better resolution, better low light, less problems with lens defects, better DR etc. All these are technical immage quality things. Then there is the DOF control: The larger the sensor, the more control you can have over DOF with the same Field of view.

All these are important reasons to go full frame (or even larger). But there are some downsides to FF also, like camera size, lens size, price of the lenses (the bigger the glass elements in the lens the more expensive they are), the weight of your gear.

An other reason to not go FF is the price of your equiptment. A larger sensor will allways be more expensive then a smaller one. larger lenses will allways be more expensive then smaller ones, so in total your euiptment will cost more $$ when you go FF, not everybody is willing to pay that price (in $$ and in size) for Full Frame. For these people the cameras with smaller sensors (like the Nikon 1, the m43 and the aps cameras will be important when they do want better IQ then they can get with their cellphones or compact cameras.

So there will  be a market for all the larger sensorsizes. For the compact cameras it will become harder to get proffitable as the cellphones are taking better and better picturews at the moment.

And there is one more reason for the FF cameras to sty on the market: The bigger is better syndrom. People see the beautifull pictures taken with FF cameras by real pros and think that you can take those quality pictures too only by buying the same camera as the pro. They do forget that the high IQ of the pictures is made by the skills of the photographer more than by the camera...

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