D7100 'streaking'

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fotolopithecus wrote:

Lol, yes exactly right mossy, but to me the D7000 sounds more like music.

Have to say that you might be right at least in one sense...that the D7000 may inspire more confidence in us geeky types whose technique is not always up to snuff.  The D7100 can probably pull out more if you know what you're doing.  It seems we may have reached a peak in user friendliness with the D7000 iimaging chain.

That makes for a tougher buy decision.  Again, we are in danger of losing perspective here, because these behaviors may have near zero relevance to shot quality in most scenes.  Helmets and airbags have given some a heightened feeling of safety and have increased their risky behavior, diminishing the safety benefits somewhat.  But at the end of the day it's proper technique and prudent decision making that keep you the safest.

It's tough when it sinks in that we have already reached the point of diminishing returns with current Bayer sensor technology and that we have to return to film-era technique.  But look to where the bar has been moved...3-4 stops better high ISO of quality...insane levels of resolution and postprocessing potential...superb AF and remarkable lens price/performance.  I always have to sit myself down with a glass of wine and remember that.

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