X Rite Color Passport and DPMx?

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Re: Clarification and misconceptions.

I have my sd14 profiled for use in lightroom and it addresses the green cast nicely.

When making dng profiles you have the option of making dual illuminant or single illuminant profiles. A dual illuminant profile contains profiles for daylight and artificial light and it uses white balance settings to vary between the two profiles. The simpler single illuminant profile corrects only a single light source.

I use single illuminant profiles and have made a series of them under different weather conditions. These show up in the calibration tab in LR and you can choose from the list of profiles at will.

This gives you a set of preset "looks" to choose from.

LR obviously ships with at least a default profile for every camera but for canon/nikon cameras adobe normally provide a series of profiles to emulate the various in camera jpeg looks. If you want you can add your own custom look in a similar way. So for example I  used the dng profile editor to modify one of my sd14 profiles, moving it away from the idealised colour rendition the colour patches provide. That means if I want my greens a little yellow I can shift those tones to more green or more magenta or whatever by guesswork by using a colourwheel shift for each of the patches. I can also change the contrast curve.

The modified profile can then be saved as a custom profile.

I did this by trial and error for my sd9 because I dislike its colour response so much. The difficulty with hand rolled profiles is getting something that works consistent rather than optimising just your test image!

Obviously dng profiles are an adobe solution only (ps and lr). They won't work with SPPand LR needs to support the raw format of your camera.

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