Thom Hogan's assessment of a D400

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Re: Thom Hogan's assessment of a D400

olliess wrote:

A bold combination might be to release such a camera while moving the D600 or its successor downmarket, into the heart of the prosumer DX price bracket.

People seem to think everyone wants full frame! I don't, and the number of people seemingly wanting a D400 points them wanting a high spec 'DX' camera.

Yes, I know DX was a compromise because of the cost of producing full frame sensors at the time, but for someone like me who does a bit of everything, from Landscape to Sports, and other bits and pieces, DX is perfect. I did consider at one point getting a D700, but that was in addition to the D300S, for low light ability and extra wide angles, but a burglary, and having to replace all my gear put paid to that. But to get the same view as my 70-300mm lens on a FX sensor would be quite expensive, it's a lot cheaper to buy an extra wide angle lens.

Nikon may believe that the World wants FX sensors, but not everyone does, or needs, a sensor that size. No doubt FX will be popular as prices come down, because what was out of reach, is now within reach for many. But if they don't produce a quality DX line, then hopefully other manufacturers will exploit the gap they leave.

And for all the hype about FX, it's still the DX cameras they are selling the most of by a long way, and that goes for all the other manufacturers too.

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