Photographing a Person: A test of focal lengths

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Re: I can see a difference Re: Photographing a Person: A test of focal lengths

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See these pics. I dont have the original pics with me right now, uploading here from my facebook album, so no exif. The exifs would be completely misleading though, as the pics were shot using Canon EF-S 55-250 IS which works as much longer focal length lens than reported focal lengths at close distances. 1st shot was taken from around 3.5 to 4.5 ft distance, and the 2nd one was taken from a distance around 6 to 7 ft. Exact same focal length was used in both cases, the 2nd photo is cropped to show same framing of subject. Remeber, it is the distance that defies the perspective, not the focal length of the lens. U just have to use longer focal length lens to get the same framing from longer distance.

In both cases the photo frame in the background is at exact same distance from the subject.

Well, I can see a difference, a clear difference; in the first pic his head is more elongated and the second makes him look as though he has a shorter more "fuller" head/face. *Plus I can tell that you were physically closer to him in the first picture (well it seems that way to my eyes)*.

To tell u frankly, I was much closer than you can think, actually the subject is me . The

Picture's are of you eh? You handsome man you!!

But be careful .............. because taking piccies of oneself can be the first signs of vanity. LOL!

photos were taken at my direction to find out the distance from which I look best (subjectively). Another interesting thing is, u can see the black/blue photo frame at the background looks much closer to subject, or almost as tall as the head in the 2nd photo, right? I make another person stand where I stood for these photos and went further and closer and tried to see the change of relative size of the frame with my naked eyes. And it really gets taller (gets as tall as the head) from the further distance - this change of perspective happens all the times in real life, we just do not notice.

I prefer the look in the second image. Your face has a much softer gentler youthful look whilst the first image makes you look older and slightly more serious/aggressive. If you wanna put a piccie up on a dating site, use the second one (assuming you ain't already married or engaged).



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