Posting RAW photos to Web

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Re: Posting RAW photos to Web

StevenN wrote:

OK, I guess I am confusing everybody here. I will try to be more specific. I have a RAW file that I want to post on the Internet. Normally I would process it in Lightroom, then export it to Photoshop, where I would convert it to a .jpeg.


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I suppose it's overstating the obvious, but you can't view a raw file directly via a web browser. That's a concept that takes a while for some people to grasp.

Even in raw development software, the preview window for the current raw file being processed is more like a bitmap image with the current settings applied. Raw files simply aren't directly viewable as images, they're just data. So raw development software sneakily makes the data viewable on your screen by interpreting the data as an image file, real-time, as you work on the file.

And therefore you couldn't upload the raw file to "the Internet" as a viewable image file; you could, however, upload it to a file sharing website where people can download the raw file and view it in their raw processing software. Or, like what's being suggested in this thread, you can "develop" the raw file into a JPEG and upload that to the Internet as a viewable image.


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