How often do you upgrade your camera body or even entire system?

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Re: How often do you upgrade your camera body or even entire system?

RedDevilDan wrote:

Jumping from P&S, I just got my first mirrorless camera.  Due to budget, I got a camera model back in late 2011 because it's on sale.  I wonder how often people tend to upgrade their camera so I could have an idea when to look for an upgrade.

I've "upgraded" my system gradually over a 20-year period (includes Canon EOS film bodies), according to my current needs.  (By system, I mean lenses, flashes, packs, tripods, heads - exclusive of bodies).  My "upgrades" have also included downsizing.

Digital bodies:

  • 2001 - Canon Powershot G1; 2,600 images (sold to upgrade to D60)
  • 2002 - Canon EOS D60; 5,500 images (sold to upgrade to 10D - faster focusing, larger CF capacity)
  • 2003 - canon EOS 10D; 26,500 images (sold to upgrade to 30D - faster focusing, larger LCD, EF-S capability, better low-light capability)
  • 2006 - Canon EOS 30D; 22,000 images (sold to my son, otherwise would have kept it)
  • 2008 - Canon EOS 40D; 29,000 images (repaired once, sold to upgrade to 7D - better focusing, more customizable, faster frame rate, better low-light capability)
  • 2010 - Canon EOD 7D; 30,000++ images (serves my current needs)
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