Advice on low-light photography (s30f14? no OSS)

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Re: Advice on low-light photography (s30f14? no OSS)

wictred wrote:

smallLebowski wrote:

I appreciate your info. You are right. As it was mentioned here - SAL35f18 should do just fine or even try kit lens first (at least it has OSS) and go from there.

The SEL35F18 is an E-Mount lens with OSS. For low light it is a very nice "normal" lens. F1.8 and OSS is not really common, usually ... for moving subjects not important though.

But it is also expensive.

You could also go for a Konica AR 40mm f1.8

That should cost you like 50$-70$ including the adapter and a few extra $ for a good lens hood (the Konica 40mm really lacks contrast if it's wide open without a hood).

It is really a nice lens .... not as sharp as a modern lenses .... and it has quite a bit purple fringing wide open ... a bit longer than the 35mm lenses (eq 50mm) but a good choice if you don't want to dish out a couple hundred for a fast 35mm lens.

I would go for the SEL3518 too instead of LAEA2 and sigma. The sigma is faster, but but with the translucent mirror the speeds match. you will have a very good lens, small, with good speed and OSS

Of course if you already have the LAEA2 or already have other lenses and a sony alpha camera (DSLR ir DSLT) it makes sense to get the sigma.

Take a small flashlight to focus. you could have it with the same hand you press the shutter, and be able to focus. Both will focus very bad in low light, you need the extra light. the nex is quite bad if you dont have acceptable light. And the DSLRs have an IR assist, that you wont have with the LAEA2. So use the flashlight with the same hand you you hold the grip (have it between the grip and your hand pointing the same as the lens) and use it to focus.

Finally, be intelligent. Dont take a a tripod, but find support. That would be the same as using OSS. Use a chair, use a branch of a tree. Sit down, stabilize your legs and use your knees, take a small bean bag and put sand in it, etc. That will save you a lot of shots. Practice that at home till you get the feeling.

and have fun!!!!

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